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Graduate Students

The lab is currently recruiting 1 student for a masters or PhD in meteorology starting in the Fall 2023:

–> One (1) masters or PhD student interested in better understanding the spatial heterogeneity of methane emissions through micrometeorological and field-based techniques. With this research, we seek to push discoveries in understudied biogeochemical processes in wetlands that can lead to high methane emissions in a warming planet.

  • Requirements:
    • A bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science, environmental science, ecology, environmental engineering, or closely related field.
    • Some background, or interest in research in micrometeorology and meteorology in general.
    • Ability to write code for data analysis in either Matlab, R, or Python.
  • Desired skills:
    • Be familiar or have some experience with the use of eddy-covariance towers.
    • Experience or familiarity with geographic information systems (ArcGIS, QGIS).
    • Experience and/or interest in doing fieldwork to visit sites to collect data and take ancillary measurements.
    • Familiarity with Fortran or the use of the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model would be a plus.

Requirements and deadlines for the masters and PhD degrees in meteorology in the department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences can be found at

Please see the lab’s core research areas of interest at The lab also welcomes other potential research projects for a PhD program in these areas based on the student’s interests. Interested applicants should please send an email with their cv to the lab PI, Dr. Camilo Rey-Sanchez (, along with a 1-page cover letter specifying their preference for a masters or PhD and their main research area of interest.

Information to apply to the Graduate Program in Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

Undergraduate Students

The lab is looking for an undergraduate research assistant to help with data collection and analysis of micrometeorological and biogeochemical data. If you are an undergraduate student in the MEAS department at NC State University and are interested in having some fieldwork experience, please send an email to Dr. Camilo Rey-Sanchez ( with a copy of your cv. This position has a desired start date in the late spring or summer of 2022.