Measuring Wind Profiles with Windlift

PI Camilo Rey-Sanchez met with Ellie and Thomas from WindLift to measure wind profiles using the mini Sodar. Windlift is a company that is planning to harvest wind energy with mobile turbines through the use of tethered aircraft. Really cool concept. More information at their website

Invited talk at App State

Dr. Rey-Sanchez had the pleasure of visiting Appalachian State University to give a seminar talk titled “How do different land covers affect the height of the atmospheric boundary layer”. Special thanks to Dr. Sarah Carmichael and Dr. William Armstrong for the invitation and for hosting.

New Publication

PI Camilo Rey-Sanchez has published his postdoctoral work studying annual dynamics of atmospheric boundary layer height in JGR Atmospheres.

Integrative Biometeorology Lab website is created

The new lab website has been created. This is a space to share our research goals and research progress. We hope to start adding more content within the next months and start recruiting graduate and undergraduate students at NC State soon.